Being gullible is nothing more than trusting someone who should not be trusted.
Person 1: Ha! You're so gullible!

Person 2: So basically, you're laughing at me for having trusted you!
by Red Pill January 1, 2012
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The state of being fooled. So basically everyone voting in American politics.
See Waldo, don't be gullible. Your vote doesn't matter, the country is going to hell anyways.
by LaserISbaser July 18, 2016
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1. Any person who has three boobs.
2. Any person who believed the first definition.
Some one wrote gullible on that tree over there.
by The Me June 25, 2003
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The term applied to both the participants in the following conversation:
Gullible Person 1: Did you know that 'gullible' isn't in the dictionary?
Gullible Person 2: Really? (Checks dictionary)
Gullible Person 2: Wow! It really isn't in the dictionary!
Gullible Person 1: Oh my God! Give me a look!
by Rock DJ December 3, 2004
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IF you say the word gullible really slowly, it sounds like chicken!
Person2: Say gullible really slowly, it sounds like chicken

Person1: guh-lih-bull

Person2: hear it?

Person1: no.. guh-lih-bull

Person2: hahaha
by michael_lieberman November 10, 2005
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