To be recommended, is to be paticularly favoured sexually in a circle of the opposite (or sometimes, same) sex.
"Hey Dave! You lucky devil, you!"
"Heh heh, words goin' 'round that you're getting pretty highly recommended!"
"Oh wow!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 20, 2005
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Dating someone on the recommendation of a friend or family member.
James recommendated Shayla after his brother introduced them at the party last week.
by RafikiGuy March 2, 2018
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Random videos from 5 years ago that pop up in your YouTube feed.
by 1Head June 2, 2019
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Engineering speak for “absolutely fucking do not do that.” Usually used to answer a question about an operating state that is obviously destructive.

Sometimes can be used less severely to describe exceeding safety limits of a system.
Customer: “What if our reactor is overheating and instead of decreasing load we accidentally decrease coolant?”

Engineer: “That’s not recommended.”

Customer: “Our load has temporarily increased. We want to increase to 106% design capacity. Can the machine handle it?”
Engineer: “Possibly, but that’s not recommend.”
by Telltalehart July 27, 2021
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An advice.
I am making a recommendation for a word to urban dictionary.
by DogeSun April 25, 2016
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The obligation one has to watch a particular TV series or movie after it was recommended by a friend, colleague or family member.

The victim of Recommendation Obligation feels a sense of guilt and anxiety which is only relieved by watching the entire movie or TV series.

NOTE: Social etiquette dictates that one must suffix any recommendation with "but don't feel obliged to watch it if you're busy or if it's not your thing or whatever".
Ohhh, I'm so tired, my buddy told me to watch "Gossip Girl" so I felt Recommendation Obligation and watched every season, even though I hated it.
by Moccodile June 18, 2020
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the shit that the flies (little children and chavs) click on and along with the retards on the quality control box it just means that UD is getting less useful every fucking day..
by TV sucks February 23, 2005
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