Least as used in "the least" is used to say something just ain't happenin is hurt or just kinda gay.
"yo she's hot" "Never man, the least"
by |3race April 11, 2005
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least is a shortened version of 'least favourite', first brought about by me to counter a faggots "favourite".
"Your fucking least", "Nah man thats least", "The mouldy hair toe on my stomach is least", Genital warts are least
by kai aka god aka fukn leetzor December 22, 2004
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A mockery/ contradictory of "The Most"- also found on urban dictionary.
"How drunk are you?"
-"Im the least sober"

"She's 'The Most' hot"
-"Your the least cool."

Guy 1- "Yo, how drunk are you?"
Guy 2- "Im The Most drunk"
Guy 3 overhearing conversation.. "Wow, the least cool."
by England 2010 June 4, 2010
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In reference to the amount of children British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has fathered
Joe: *typing* how many children does Boris Johnson have?
Wikipedia: at least six
by Beezlebub bab October 11, 2020
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word used in place of "at least" by Shana Drenning
In least I don't get points taken off on papers for writing "in least"
by h.r.wood December 8, 2010
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To do the absolute least; being a captain of hurt; bunk.
Went 0-4 last night in the game.. Ahh man, you were definitely leasting last night. You're so bunk!
by Nicky G-Spot May 2, 2012
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