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a record to keep track of several items.
A list must contain more than one item to be considered an actual list.
by Knuckleberry Flynn April 24, 2003
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1. the last tool for lazy writers who want to show how hip their knowledge is.
2. a way for people's tastes to be researched, commodified, and totally exploited on online sites such as
3. an item so overused in lieu of actually creating something, that it signifies the end of innovation and the impending apocalypse of popular culture.
I wish people would stop making lists of crap like in that mediocre movie, High Fidelity.
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
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Something that is choice. A preferred object or item. In reference to someone's name being on the list at the club.
She is list. That drink is list for me.
by Yodeleahy April 09, 2017
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Amazing type of pad that allows people to think clearly! People often over look them for their simpleness but many deep beautiful thoughts can be portrayed via or I should say by the list.
Dude: I've been waiting for that concert forever!!!
List' owner: hahah just kept track of the bands and where they been! Helps me organize my life so much! I don't know what I would do without my list!
Dude: Totally true!
by Owner of a special list! October 07, 2010
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a list of people that you are going to kill soon
hey did you hear that eric roton made a list? What kind? the killing list.
by Momster Bombster December 08, 2017
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