a list of people that you are going to kill soon
hey did you hear that eric roton made a list? What kind? the killing list.
by Momster Bombster December 08, 2017
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a record to keep track of several items.
A list must contain more than one item to be considered an actual list.
by Knuckleberry Flynn April 24, 2003
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1. the last tool for lazy writers who want to show how hip their knowledge is.
2. a way for people's tastes to be researched, commodified, and totally exploited on online sites such as myspace.com
3. an item so overused in lieu of actually creating something, that it signifies the end of innovation and the impending apocalypse of popular culture.
I wish people would stop making lists of crap like in that mediocre movie, High Fidelity.
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
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verb: Feeling lust for someone you met on a dating app but have yet to meet in person
Duuuude... she is totally listing for you, man. Wait till she finds out you're a catfish!
by ListingAgent July 03, 2021
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A tit-for-tat list each party of a couple makes for being the reason why their relationship is ending.
Every time we break up...you come up with a list of shit that blames me for all our problems! Well guess what! I have The List of shit on you, too, this time!!!
by talk2me-JCH April 07, 2021
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What you say to “low-key” tell someone that someone else (or you) is on the sex offender list.
1.) “Hey watch out kids, I’m pretty sure that sketchy guy is on the list.”

2.) “I’m supposed to tell all the kids who buy my ice cream that I’m on the list.”
by Bruh_Theory May 24, 2019
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you are on that list when you have a STD
Soulja Boy's Song "That List" man i really wanted to talk this girl she so fine but then she got picked up by the clinic she must be on "that list"
by Mimi aka TJ April 08, 2008
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