an acronym for "my internet shut off," used in conversations via internet when facebook chat is faulty and your messages don't go through, or when your instant messenger quits abruptly
Spencer:guess what!
Rachel: what?
Spencer is offline.
Spencer is online.
Rachel: wtf
Spencer: shit, sorry. miso!
by <3insf December 20, 2009
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MISO fora whole 2 hours! #firstworldproblems
— Angel (@angelspeakshermind) May 14, 2012
by l33tsp33kr May 14, 2012
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slang for someone who is always miserable

the lady who works at starbucks is so miso all the time.

hey miso, do you ever smile?
by kjm615 March 17, 2009
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what to put in front of the word horny
Hey honey, what do ya want for dinner?
Miso? We don't have that
But miso horny
by shinobi kiwi April 7, 2005
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an asian girl who only dates white/black/latino guys, or an asian girl who is dating a white/black/latino guy. the opposite (asian guy, white/black/latino girl) is called a Bruce. *see Bruce
"damn, look at the freaking miso over there."
by pxf99 June 8, 2006
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Fermented soybean paste. Comes in many varieties.
If you're having a hot pot/jjigae, be sure to put miso in at least half the time.
by StatenIslander December 4, 2007
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