Word made up by bart simpson to describe the defective christmas lights his dadhomer purchased.
They're craptacular, dad
by Me!! November 23, 2003
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spectacularly crap. to be craptacular is to be crap but really amusing at the same time.
that movie was craptacular.
by Joanne&Alyce October 9, 2003
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1.What Bart Simpson said when he saw Homer's Christams-Light decorating abilities.

2. Really crappy

3. A really bad-looking thing.
It's as craptacular as cow-pie.
by Bob April 11, 2004
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Iadj./I notable or spectacular in its poor quality
I threw together a craptacular book report at the last second.
by Ian Maxwell October 15, 2002
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the state of being spectacularly crappy

origin: The Simpsons
This freaking cheeseburger tastes craptacular
by smellyiguana November 20, 2003
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When the home town you grew up in is now filled with Trump supporters and meth heads.
Man, I gotta move to Europe, this place has turned craptacular.
by Fitty Fishy July 5, 2022
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Description of something that has achieved a new and ultimate level of crappiness, such that there is almost something spectacular about it. Also see: sucktastic, pukeriffic
Bobby: How do you like my Christmas
light display?

Christmas Light Display: *Bzzzt-crack*!

Johnny: It's craptacular.
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