158 definition by Simon

1. An individual who behaves like an asshole or is a pain in the ass.
2. Someone whose nose is shaped like a penis.
1. "Go fuck yourself, dicknose!"
2. That guy has a dicknose just like his father's.
by Simon January 26, 2003

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A form of the famous martial art Kung Fu. It's characteristics are low stances and overall aggresive feet and hands.
Don't make me go hung gar on your ass!
by simon April 24, 2005

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the male organ, penis.
Lady: "excuse me sir, your knob is sticking out."
Man: "don't flatter yourself woman. its hanging out."
Man 2: "call that a knob?"
by simon December 24, 2003

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(n) A bag usually suspended from one prep or homosexual shoulder to the opposite side. Designed to carry books, and most commonly seen on gay people with sandals.
Johnny pulled his spanish book out from his fagbag.
by Simon May 18, 2004

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The coolest animehero ever!
Say what?
Bobobo, nana
by simon April 24, 2005

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To bite a penis during oral sex.
Bitch rake yohned me so I threw her out on her ass.
by Simon March 01, 2004

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A man who puts his dick into the womans arse for sexual pleasure.
Woman: i had anul sex last night with my boy friend
by Simon December 14, 2003

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