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1) A particular situation; the ways things stack up.

2) A plan of action.
The scenario for today, my little kindergartners, is to first visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we will see fishes and whales and sea otters, and then to go have a picnic lunch on the beach.
by Cherry Nelsonic May 24, 2005
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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a game where players imitate their favourite players from a certain sports team whilst they play out a chosen sporting scenario without any opposition.

this could be the final playoff game 32 - 0 down after the first quarter or in the FA cup final as Stevenage Borough FC 3-2 down against Man Utd.
"i'm bored man, lets go play soccer scenarios"
by Dave Shearn May 19, 2007
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