1) A particular situation; the ways things stack up.

2) A plan of action.
The scenario for today, my little kindergartners, is to first visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium where we will see fishes and whales and sea otters, and then to go have a picnic lunch on the beach.
by Cherry Nelsonic May 24, 2005
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What's the scenario?
by cameo March 12, 2003
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(ubiquinoun) A philosophy based on the scenario. Main ideas:

- Everything thing is a scenario, from having beers to your mates, to atoms bonding at a molecular level.
- Context is everything.
- The scenario complex: the word scenario encapsulates and can refer to everything, so in a way it means nothing; is redundant.
- Ubiquinoun; a noun that encapsulates all things.
- Evaluating the scenario: social bounds, moods and context.
- Scenario performance: working a room, diffusing the awkward scenario, etiquette.
- Sermonale: a scenario revolving around beers.
- Caesarianism: becoming the king of the scenario, feeling so powerful that you are akin to Julius Caesar.
- Language, Latin.

Recent development - the Beatles as the musical counterpart of the scenarioism philosophy, a song to fit any scenario.
I've been studying scenarioism for years, and still can't seem to find the secrets to optimal perormance in a scenario.
Scenarioism has shown me how to appreciate the intricate workings of the scenario.
by UbiquitousLatin September 25, 2019
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a game where players imitate their favourite players from a certain sports team whilst they play out a chosen sporting scenario without any opposition.

this could be the final playoff game 32 - 0 down after the first quarter or in the FA cup final as Stevenage Borough FC 3-2 down against Man Utd.
"i'm bored man, lets go play soccer scenarios"
by Dave Shearn May 19, 2007
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When something goes horribly wrong for an individual amongst his family or group of friends – typically following an act of betrayal or unforgiveable poor judgment – and that person becomes an outcast. Although unloved and unwanted, the person is still allowed to hang around because of his previous relationship to those wronged. Adapted from the Fredo character in the Godfather movies.

Unfortunately, history has proven there is no way to tactfully make the outcast depart. Fredo Corleone was shot in the back while fishing in The Godfather Part II, a particularly cruel yet fair conclusion to any Fredo Scenario.
Will: “I just heard that Sam told our wives we went to the strip club, even though he decided to wait in the car. It’s not going to be fun tonight when we get home.”

Jack: “That bastard…I’m finished with Sam. He has become a living example of The Fredo Scenario.”

Will: "I wish we had a fishing boat."
by Louisiana Gold February 26, 2009
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A scenario when someone says something inappropriate or not even remotely funny causing a silence by the others.
Bryan was saying weird shit again. You don't have to ask it was a Amniotic Scenario
by Los Piratos May 12, 2016
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Scenario 7 is a position of the Scenario Switch in the McLaren Formula 1 car which allows Lando Norris to speedrun the last few laps of a race in order to close the gap to a penalised Hamilton in order to achieve a podium.
Jose: "Scenario 7, 2 to go. Hamilton is 6.5 ahead, he also has a 5 second penalty."

Jose: "Lando the gap to Hamilton was 4.8, I think that's a podium mate!"

by Zoonsky March 16, 2021
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