A term used to tell a child it is time for bed.
Cameron it is past your bedtime, it's time for boe boe's.
by green923jade November 15, 2016
A word for a company that can sue faster than they can innovate.
"Did you hear about that big corporation that sued that poor little Canadian company just because they had better products?"

"Yeah man they really pulled a Boeing on that one."
by pilotinthesheets September 28, 2017
a thing that someone is imfatuated with or mildly of extremely obsessed with. A favorite player, food, person, or anything that you can become obsessed with
kuehn plays buegler this week. its gonna be battle of the boe boes: westbrook vs. plummer
by birdman11 February 7, 2005
You cant get on xbox Boeinggggggg

Ohh that girl rejected you, gay and boeing
by Jdog42069 November 5, 2020
The most poorly run company in the world. Where they micromanage everything from font color to slide transitions. And you make charts upon charts that no one will ever look at. Never work for Boeing, it's where fun goes to die.
I never want to work at Boeing ever again. That company sucks, it's a Boeing.
The mix of the words “bro” and “boi
“Ay I got lil shordy number from last night and she talkin bout wtw

“You tryna slide?”

“Hell yeah on boe
by Bread eater May 4, 2021
The Boeing Company is the leading American aircraft and aerospace manufacturer, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with its largest production facilities in Everett, Washington, about 30 miles north of Seattle, Washington. It is also the second-largest defense contractor in the world, the largest civil aircraft manufacturer, and the largest exporter in the United States.
The First two floor and Current Largest Passenger Aircraft: The Boeing 747-400
Most Advanced Passenger Aircraft: The Boeing 777-300ER
The Longest Range Aircraft: The Boeing 777-200LR

The Next Generation Aircraft setting new Standards to Comfort and Economical usage: The Boeing 787
by Trund November 1, 2005