158 definition by Simon

A quote used to convey that great things have happened/will happen/are happening.
Peter: "there were heaps of free drinks and hot chicks"
Simon: "Wow thats cool"
Peter: "Good times my friend"
by Simon March 20, 2005

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To be stinkier than poo.
This food smells like meecrob
by Simon April 16, 2003

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A fucko.
Look at the Ayden.
by Simon June 07, 2004

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noun, 1) one who is totally lacking in originality; a hack, 2) the state of writing on repetitive subjects for at least four years.
1) wow, her writing totally sucked. yeah...what a dooce! 2) hmmmm... ANOTHER piece about poop and how supercool her baby is. yeah, she's in the dooce.
by simon January 31, 2005

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