Contrary to popular believe, the word muff is not associated with hair at all. Instead, the word "muff" is an inoffensive, slang word for a vagina. Muffs can range from dainty and tight to floppy and roast beef colored. Some muffs smell fishy or sweaty, and others smell like skin or roses. Some muffs are hairy, others are bare, and some have razor burn or ingrown hairs. Females (and transexuals) of all ages have muffs. There are baby muffs and grandma muffs. Most muffs have a week of bleeding, unless the owner is on some sort of contraceptive (see: Depovera, Seasonal). It is also the root word for Muffdiver, Muffed, and Muffdoctor.
Jan decided to go on birth control because the muffdoctor said that it would prevent pregnancy, cramping, and that weird smell coming from her muff.
by Muffowner April 15, 2006
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A 'muff' in more innocent days was: a small cylindrical fur cover that one rests their hands between for warmth. It is used in Charlote Bronte's 'JANE EYRE,' I just couldn't stop laughing when I read this...
"Gathering my mantle about me, and sheltering my hands in my muff, I did not feel the cold." Middle of chapter 12.
by Jonoboi August 7, 2006
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it was a very cold day and her hands were in a muff
by don June 16, 2003
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Short for muffaletta (or muffuletta), the sandwich invented at New Orleans's Central Grocery in the early 20th century. The sandwich, which is rooted in Sicilian cuisine, comprises several different Italian meats-- typically hard salami, mortadella and capicola-- as well as provolone cheese on a crusty, round, sesame seed-encrusted Italian loaf, but the defining characteristic is its rich olive salad, considered a delicacy in New Orleans and beyond.
"Don't fuggit ta ax fuh extra olive salad onnat muff, brah."
by jotis December 20, 2005
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To push someone's face with an open hand.
Kevin made a stupid remark, so I muffed him.

"You idiot, you deserve a muff for that one!"
by Justin Cognito January 4, 2006
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vagina, not pubs or dirty vagina, just vagina, how else do you muff dive, you need to enter the vagina with your tongue like a scuba dude or snorkeler,
That chicks muff was so tight!
by the taint October 29, 2006
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the top part of the muffin, the part thats all crunchy.
"Damn shaun let me get the muff,you can have the bottom"
by Azin March 21, 2006
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