the most "cool" or the "best"
"man, that car is like the coolest thing I've ever seen!"
by Will L June 9, 2005
When your cooler than the lid who has the Minecraft shirt
"Man your coolester!"
by DOC ($4.99) July 12, 2017
When your cooler than the cooler kid with the Minecraft shirt
Wow your coolester then Jimmy!
by DOC ($4.99) July 12, 2017
Jessica the coolest is the third one in the group that had the big ass forehead and big ass sky scraper teeth.
Jessica the coolest
by Urba dictionary June 11, 2020
Derives from Survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin, almost the same concept.

Think of your typical high school. An individual, or a group, eventually becomes the coolest shit in town. Once the spotlight is on them, the people who are uncool eventually dwindle and implode (or realistically...their genes die off and all the cool kids go to the summer of '69).
Person 1 and 2 get noticed more than person 3.

Person 3 becomes less noticed for the things that person 1 and 2 do (attention whoring...or just being themselves).

Person 1 and 2 eventually are the Survival Of The Coolest and person 3 does not reproduce and eventually his or her genes die off and are never seen in anyone else again.
by Le Derpson December 9, 2011
Coolest kid could be anyone.
You wouldn’t know who.
LAME Kid1: Hey, who’s the coolest kid around here?
LAME Kid2: Only the one and only Coolkid89!
LAME Kid3: WOW! Their name even sounds cool!
by Not Niki December 9, 2021
Albert Einstein. That’s all.
Israel: We want The Coolest Jew to be president.
Austria: Who?
Israel: Oh, we mean Albert Einstein.
by superthunderthotius May 30, 2019