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The friendliest people in the UK. knowing for drinking everyone under the table and their amazing accent. Also devoted football fans and mass lovers of greggs. They don't deny a good baked pastry treat.
I wish I had a geordie accent, my scouser ones shit!
by toontoontoon January 23, 2011
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A 'Geordie' is a person from Newcastle, UK. They have been named the nicest in Britain. Famous people such as Cheryl Cole and Joe McElderry are Geordies. Not all people from Newcastle have strong accents, there is a stereotype of Geordies that they are rough, common slobs who nest in council houses and suckle on 'Newcastle Brown Ale' and 'Guiness' all day. This should be ignored, as only the small minority of people from Newcastle are like this, people are like that everywhere, not just in the North East. People are generally well educated, and Gosforth High School is one of the best schools in the North and East.
Typical Geordie 1: Yee gannin' home?
Typical Geordie 2: Aye.
by Holmesss January 31, 2011
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Usually a person who believes they are from the city of Newcastle but are infact from outlining areas such as Gateshead, Hexham and the like. These 'plastic' Geordies tend to believe they are at the top of the social scale but are in fact in the middle of the social security benefit queue. Often found in Netto or more notably Greggs upon where they feed they offspring large quantities of baked pastry goods, children are usually christened "Keegen" or "Bobby" or "Alan" regardless of their sex, this is due to their Mother and Fathers (and in many cases 'Uncle Steve' and Uncle "Jeff" and 'wor Bobbies da") lifelong devotion to Newcastle United, despite never actually being anywhere near the stadium, but the 9 kids are dressed head to foot in Black and White replica kit 7 days a week.
"Hov corse ham a Geordie man like man, me da used ta drink Broon Ale and me ma uste te werk in Fennnikks man"
by Mr.Mackem January 10, 2006
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Is gorgeously attractive. Has a great sense of style music and humour! Always trying to please others to keep them happy and puts other peoples problems before his own. Is always caring for close friends and never let's them down when they're even in tricky situations
by Hookbook12 October 26, 2013
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A citizen from Newcastle, North East England. Often praised for their outgoing and bubbly personalities, they have a distinctive accent which is recognised instantly.
by Missy August 01, 2003
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An awful race of people who claim to be the 'friendliest people in Britain'. I assure you they are not. An example would be to pay a visit to the drinking establishments after 10pm where you are guaranteed see semi-naked, truly foul mouthed 'women' being pawed by equally foul mouthed Neanderthals. Same drunken Cro-Magnon male will stick a broken pint glass in your face as soon as look at you whilst shouting 'SHEARER! SHEARER!" and his mates are sticking the boot into you. Not saying this wouldn't happen anywhere else in Britain, but these excuses for humanity are the worst
Man in pub: Whoops sorry mate I've knocked your pint and it's spilt a little bit..I'll get you another"
Geordie:Ya Fuckin cockney bastard, am gonna fuckin knack ye (proceeds to force pint pot into mans mouth"
Geordies Girlfriend: Gan on kidda, knack the cunt!"
by Smogtastic November 13, 2006
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From George (Greek Georgios d. 303 A.D.) + IE. Geordie is a term that has come come to denote two things:

1. A native of Tyneside

2. A supporter of Newcastle United (the noted pigeon crap of the North East).

The latter of these two has created a change to the traditional Geordie song, Blaydon Races. The new version is as follows:

Oh, me lads! You shoulda seem 'em gannin,
Dyre and co., havin a god - all the toon git bangin,
Thor was lots o' lads 'n' lasses there,
Fanies was git aching!
We divvn't need the Champion's - we'd rather gan out rapin!
Geordies are give a bad name by Newcastle United.

The mackems beat the Geordies.
by Jonny D July 13, 2004
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