158 definition by Simon

A white oversized dragon dog from the never ending story series. Loves to eat fagmaster
"Falcor, i love"

"one day i'll be Falcor"
by Simon December 15, 2004

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Aussie slang for a place that is a long way away and is usually not worth travelling to.
Tim: Are you going to Dave's party tomorrow?
Rob: Yeah I would but it's all the way out in bumfucknowhere so I can't be bothered.
by Simon February 16, 2004

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A cute term for shit, manure, poo. I first heard the character Randy (the fat borderline retarded) brother on "My Name Is Earl" use this to refer to cow shit.
Earl, he made his hut out of cow ploppies. No woner why it has that smell!
When I cleaned my kitten's litter pan, she left a lot of ploppies because I fed her too much people food.
by Simon May 16, 2008

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A close cousin of the Stray Dave with all the staying power but none of the bouyancy. a Toilet Trout sits on the bottom of the pan developing am orangey-brown "halo"
Can sometimes be shifted by "Tout Tickling" - urinating at high pressure to break the trout down into flushable pieces
that toilet trout must've been there ages, look at the size of the halo!!
by Simon January 19, 2004

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aka poopshoot or arse. passage for human waste with puckered end for crimping.
i hear that julie chester takes it right up the dung funnel.
by Simon September 17, 2003

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Japanese for very, used by otaku's tp express the veryness of something said!
Poff: OMG!
Simon: Totemo!
by Simon April 03, 2005

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hmm..... a kid who is rich and asian.
theres another young jeong from korea.
by simon January 20, 2005

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