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1. Not widely known
2. Unfamiliar.
3. An unknown number.
4. A favorite answer of Kiko's
Choo: When will we do the art contest?
Kiko: Unknown.
Choo: >.<
by Kiko February 02, 2004
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A race of beings that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts. Ansem was apparently one before he overtoke Riku's body. An unknown is not hard to spot, as they always wear a black, hooded rain coat and never show their faces unless forced to. Due to how they may be merely shells, they have also been known to be called NEO's or Non-Existent One's...
"Ansem?" - Goofy to Unknown
"That name sounds familiar..." -Unknown to Goofy
by Darkness Shade December 20, 2003
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Usually people at a party or job who you don't know; neighbors you don't know. Locals you meet while travelling.
The unknowns have taken over that place, I don't go there anymore.
by Gojai August 24, 2017
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something which some people will fill in with their own imagination.
How you describe the unknown tells more about you than the void.
via giphy
by KontractsKiller January 01, 2020
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a group of people who work online that knowingly work to protect pedophiles and have ties to the Federal Government
they also dox people who they don't like. 99% of them have strong homosexual desires they like to post on the wannabe 4chan like site
He was a part of the unknowns and liked to protect people who looked at CP
by okletsdothis December 09, 2019
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