From the start.Since the begining.
I've been Down for the West Side since the "get go"
by Jaime Santiesteban April 29, 2006
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The beginning, the start of something, as it begins.
Dates back to the initial start of something. Past-tense
Ray Ray has the race won from the get-go when he smoked em' off the starting line.

Some white cracka' named Herbana been listening to too much TV talking bout git-go, he was way off from the get go
by el_theonlyBuster August 22, 2008
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But he was talking that from the get-go
by Zib zib September 11, 2013
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To get the party started. Often yelled loudly and with a stutter. Ironically, this is often said when the party is over and everyone is hammered. Can also be used as an excuse to drink a beer at 9 a.m.
*beer cracks open*
Girl- What are you doing? It's 9 a.m.
Dude- I'm getting it going!!
by Socksies April 6, 2016
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In all you do, be the best, go the hardest, and get done whatever you set your mind too!

If your cooking.. Get it going, make the best of the best

If you are drinking.. Have the best memorable time

If you are singing.. Be the best you can be

If you are hanging with friends.. Make it the best time

Basically "get it going" "getting it going" means there is no room for negative, judge mental situations. Just do you and do it the best you can! Have FUN in ALL you Do!
by EC8585 April 14, 2016
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What this means is that when faced with difficulties and adversity, those who are mentally and physically resilient do not give up, but formulate an effective and disciplined plan of action which they initiate and carry through to a successful conclusion.
"Despite getting stuck with the fallout from Malcolm's fuck-up, Nick got everything sorted inside of a week!"
"Yeah, when the going gets tough, the tough get going."
by AKACroatalin April 3, 2015
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When the situation is difficult, it's time for you to show you can make it(the brave person acts).You face the difficulty, you don't run away.
Anna lost her job and her boyfriend dumped her for her best friend. She carried on. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Three monthes later she was in a better job and going out with a really nice guy.
by Leonardo Manduca Sales November 6, 2007
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