54 definition by Shaun

to spend money on something
"Lets bust money on that bong"
by Shaun May 11, 2003

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Ultimate Uber Greatnessnessnessness!
this shit is shikadee
by Shaun November 29, 2004

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Continually slapping an unsuspecting victim in the back(usually in between the shoulder blades)in a motion that is similar to a drumroll.
Guy:I can't beleive that asshole slapped me in the back continually like that!!!
Dude:You just got 10,000 hands you stupid pile of shit corn!!! hahaha
by Shaun March 13, 2004

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what kambria says to me when she really means to say i love you
kambria: cuntwhorebitch
me: i love you too hun
by Shaun November 25, 2004

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Showing of your gang signgs or it can
be a party dance move......
well you start of by bouncing with your 2 feet then heal toe both feet then start moving forward turn round 2 time

to finish of bounc to the left then move to right and finish of with a spin
by Shaun November 28, 2003

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A damn sexy girl who couldn't say dinner. Apply's also to the definition above.
I want my ninner.
by Shaun August 09, 2003

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1. What the fuck ever. To not care about, not care for, shrug someone off and ignore.
2. Fuck everything.
1. "You wanna hang out later?" "Fuckever, man." 2. "I hate this. Fuckever!"
by Shaun September 26, 2004

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