Something that the king wonders about.
King: "I wonder what's for dinner."
Link: "Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octarok!"
by Raymoo October 17, 2007
last and most formal meal of the day; prelude to a fuck
She: "Everytime he takes me to a nice restaurant for dinner I fuck him afterwards."

He: "What's for dinner ?"
by Jake March 9, 2004
an often used lame excuse to ditch your friends when you feel the need to do something better. Usually implies things such as showering, jacking off, tv, bitching, and occasionally dinner will be eaten. All while your friend is anxiously waiting on facebook chat.
oh srry shelby i gotta go to dinner. talk to you later
by pieshop skeezy October 21, 2009
A common word in's "Wand of Gamelon".
Also very stupid and annoying when said over and over and over again.
Can be used as a noun, verb and adjective
Noun: I like to eat dinner.
Verb: I want to dinner your mom.
Adjective: Guy 1- Dude! Look what I just did.

Guy 2- Dude!!! That's totally dinner!
by jkpoo May 24, 2010
what your girlfriend made me after i slept with her
by the cliford December 6, 2006
a phrase or tag word used to describe something you like. used similarly, like the tag words: hot, kick, huge and awesome.
i was into him like dinner.

damn boy, those new kicks are dinner. where you get that shit at?
by mirks May 8, 2009
1.Man sausage in the erect state, when being given to a female, either vaginally, analy or oraly.

2. Used in conversation as an analagy for the above acts.
Yeah, Yeah, Baby, HAVE YOUR DINNER!!!

Guy1: So, you gave her her dinner yet?
Guy2: You bet, she ate it all up nice and came back for second helpings.
by Da Zeg March 16, 2005