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King: "I wonder what's for dinner."
Link: "Oh boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octarok!"
by G-Suck68 October 16, 2007
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"To give something dinner." A Scottish phrase meaning to beat or best someone or something.
I'll give you your dinner! (I'll beat you up)
Celtic gave Barcelona their dinner. (Celtic beat Barcelona)
by popepiusx2 June 05, 2013
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last and most formal meal of the day; prelude to a fuck
She: "Everytime he takes me to a nice restaurant for dinner I fuck him afterwards."

He: "What's for dinner ?"
by Jake March 08, 2004
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an often used lame excuse to ditch your friends when you feel the need to do something better. Usually implies things such as showering, jacking off, tv, bitching, and occasionally dinner will be eaten. All while your friend is anxiously waiting on facebook chat.
oh srry shelby i gotta go to dinner. talk to you later
by pieshop skeezy October 20, 2009
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Used to describe something that looks yummy, smells yummy, or tastes yummy. Sometimes, this word is used sarcasticly to describe something gross.
Kennedi: omg my mac and cheese is here

Carly: dinner is fucking served
Kennedi: ugh my apple fell in the dirt
Carly: eat it for dinner
by CHARLITTTTTTTTTTT August 26, 2017
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A common word in's "Wand of Gamelon".
Also very stupid and annoying when said over and over and over again.
Can be used as a noun, verb and adjective
Noun: I like to eat dinner.
Verb: I want to dinner your mom.
Adjective: Guy 1- Dude! Look what I just did.

Guy 2- Dude!!! That's totally dinner!
by jkpoo May 24, 2010
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It means boobies. Your breasts, your melons, your rack.
"Man, she has some nice dinners"
by Aimee November 06, 2004
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