54 definition by Shaun

1. A person who plays the classic PS1 game Darkstone 87 times more than most people.

2. A darkness oriented 87 year old stoner.

3. The man who rules everything.
1. That guy plays Darkstone so much hes a Darkstoner87.

2. My grandpas a Darkstoner87.

3. Darkstoner87 rules you.
by Shaun March 22, 2005

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Dando = Dumbest Dumb mother fucker on IRC Ever. Dando = likes to jackoff to his mom's picture.
"Oh Yeah! My Mom's Picture is so hot! -sperms-"
by Shaun October 12, 2003

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by far the greatest band of all time. a kick-ass mixture of alternative metal with reggae, rap, and a bunch of other shit that is guaranteed to blow you away. the church should make nick, sa, p-nut, chad, and tim saints beause they are kickass.
go buy the cd "from chaos", it is, in my opinion, 311's best work.
by Shaun June 24, 2004

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The best gamer in the world.
used words to decribe blood: "Damn that guys good", "thats a huge ..."
Descendant of can'tplayforshiat
by Shaun April 07, 2003

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its a kind of gum its like dental stuff not to bad
hey get me some trident from the store
by shaun March 07, 2005

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Perfect Example Of Sadam Hussain!
Sadam Hussain
by Shaun March 14, 2003

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geek out is a lame term used to describe when a person starts to get really fucked up and cannot control their actions, words, or emotions. Usually used in the mid 90's or in a hippie society.
I told you not to let that motherfucker hit the bong again, see he's starting to geek out and shit.

Hey bitch, if you start to geek out I'm going to slap you right in your face!
by Shaun July 29, 2005

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