DMV lingo meaning to be in the under the radar on in the cut
Stay fucking alias bruh
by Ronibangz June 20, 2019
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To be unknown, also used at the end of every sentence as if you were speaking through radio.
-That bitch ALIAS as fuck
-I’m boutta go smoke a jay, alias
by FISHINGCLUB October 25, 2019
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-word origin: Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Maryland circa 2001-2002

1. A person whose existence very few others know or care about

2. Someone who is not recognized socially to the extent that others do not even know that the person in question even exists
by Mo Crack the Don November 23, 2003
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To use another name as a disguise, Dare Vital is actually Solar, who is xAlstr
I knew that branden was the solar guy! its not his first alias either!
by crackbutt June 9, 2015
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The best show ever. it kicks all other shows arse. it rocks!!!
an example of how you would use it in a convo is if asked:
What show rocks?
by ismail216 December 19, 2005
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A name, usually a cool one, used to get women into your pants. Traditionally chosen by your friends. Usually it's best used to give a chick a name that isn't your own so that she doesn't cyber stalk you.

In some cases, this name can get you into serious trouble. Keep it anyway.
Random skank: my name is Random Skank. It's German. What's your name???
Brad: Whoa! Slow down ho! It's Blakk. Victoria Blakk.
Random Skank: How awesome! I wanna make babies with you!
Brad: *runs away*

Other examples for an alias include but are not limited to: Ted, Bob, and Jill.
by bbking23 March 30, 2010
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A cool show that isn't shown much in the UK. That's why TV DVDs are so great.
Hey. Jennifer Garner is really fit but her jaw is pretty pointy.
by Warm.Ice July 19, 2005
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