words that can mean so much to someone, or words that mean nothing to someone.
i love you..
by iloveyou-71305 August 03, 2019
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three dangerous words abused by pop culture, teenagers and American society as a whole. often used by males to get into a woman's pants BUT-

when a guy says these words to a girl (and truly does mean it) he is basically giving her permission to walk all over him... but he doesn't care. when he means it, every second he spends with her, every time he hears her voice, every kiss, every laugh, every joke, every argument- is the best moment of his life.
a girl will question his reciprocation constantly for fear of being fooled. but if she truly loves him, she will believe anything and everything he tells her.
when you really mean it, you'll never get tired of saying or hearing these words.

when your in love, you'd rather hear the other person's voice than sleep. you care more about them than you care about yourself. you'll never let the other say they love you more. you always want to be around them and feel happy when your around them. no matter how long you are with them, its never enough- you always want to be around the person. their happiness becomes your priority and you would do anything and everything just to see them smile.

you could go on and on trying to define your feelings for that person but you'll never find words to accurately explain.

if you find love, you'll know. don't be fooled by lust. when love comes around, the hours fly by when you talk to that person.

teenagers- i know you all think your in love but PLEASE do not say it unless you are 104% positive its for real. too many people use these 3 words too lightly and they are beginning to lose their meaning.

if you find someone worth saying these words to, you are very lucky.
i love you are 3 words you'll never understand until you experience their meaning for yourself.
by let_it_be January 26, 2009
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3 words that should never be said to someone unless you mean it. because sometimes people believe it when you dont mean it. and you break hearts.
Steve:i love you allison
Allison:i love you too steve
later that night
steve:o kelly lets have sex
kelly:what about allison
Steve: o her were over.
next day
Steve: o hey allison i love you baby.
by Allyyyyyyyy April 28, 2005
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Perhaps the hardest thing to tell the ones you really love. It's easy to tell someone you love them or hate them etc. jokingly but when you REALLY mean it they can be the hardest, and truest words you will ever say.
Guy: I love you so much!
Girl: (hardest, but truest words ever said) I love you too!!!!!

* ephipany you actually know you both REALLY mean it<3
by Inlovewithyou<3 August 20, 2007
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8 leters to spell love, funny 8 letters in bullshit too.
bby, i love you forever. (beep beep bullshit alert)
by kayluhhh March 05, 2008
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the three words that are said way to much, but are never said enough.
i love you russell!
by Jessica + Russell<3 February 05, 2009
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The three words that a girl craves for. In a guys eyes, the exact words that you say just to get the girl in the bed. I love you means something at some point. But when you are a teenager and a guy pressures you to have sex and they say "If you love me, you'll do this" it is the direction to regret and guilt. trust me i know. I love you are the words that contain the pain that a girl finds after she makes that mistake. I love you, are only words.
guy: i love you
girl: i love you too
a few days later
guy: wanna have sex?
girl: no, not now
guy: If you love me, you'll have sex with me
girl: okay
she regrets everyday and hears those words during her sleep
by megan schwartz February 19, 2008
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