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"Flair" is a general term used to describe round buttons of various sizes pinned to one's shirts and used to express one's self. Popularized by the 1999 film "Office Space," where a restaurant "Chotchkie's" required employees to wear "at least" 15 pieces of flair.
"Brian has 37 pieces of flair."
by hg3300 January 23, 2010
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Buttons and other decorative accessories added to a work uniform, esp. at chain restaurants. Almost universally despised by restaurant workers and customers alike.
You know the Nazis had pieces of flair they made the Jews wear.
by the brockman March 16, 2003
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A brand of electronic cigarette that is popular with the cool kids. Not to be confused with the juul which has been deemed unsatisfactory compared to it.
β€œHey man can I hit you juul?”

β€œNah that’s for pussys I got a flair!”
by Life lessons with duster November 22, 2018
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bartending tricks. flipping, spinning, and twirling bottles and/or mixing tins in order to impress. realistic moves for everyday use and more impressive moves used for actual competitions.
the girls in coyote ugly practiced bar flair often.
by patience August 05, 2005
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an awesomely hot decoration that adds lusciousness to any outfit, these accessories add at least 2 points to any hotness rating
Office Space:How many pieces of flair do you have Jo Ann?
Yo man that chick has got some mad flair.
(vote flair)
by Kate/Emkay/Jordon May 06, 2005
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Virtual pictures of buttons available on the Pieces of Flair application on Facebook. One is able to browse popular flair on a variety of subjects, send flair to friends, add flair to ones own virtual cork board and create original flair.

More addictive and distracting than a mobile shiny button diorama.

Some people, when they think they're being clever, will 'tag' their original flair with keywords relating to a rival subject, ie. tag Twilight flair with Harry Potter keywords, Democrat v. Republican, Mortal Kombat v. DC Universe, etc. This is not funny or clever, but only furthers the desires of the 'other side' to hunt down and tattoo 'Future Darwin Award Recipient' on the perpetrator's forehead.

Idea most likely inspired, in part, by the movie Office Space (1999), in which Jennifer Aniston's character works in a restaurant where the employees are forced to wear 'flair' on their uniform vest, in the form of buttons and pins.
1. Dude, there's far too much Twilight Flair! I've never read the books and I know the whole plot, just from reading flair.
2. "Sorry, but I need the Flair credits..."
by Morgan Avery December 10, 2008
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