has actually been redefined as "anything" by gangster kids trying to act tough
by SmCat December 30, 2008
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A phrase used predominantly in overbrook. a phrase someone uses when they are pissed off or expressing some kind of anxiety towards a person or situation.
Ya know, nothin' for nothin' Diana but this whole battle between you and Nichole and this U2 song is ridiculous!
by Diana Drama December 9, 2008
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Common big house or camp preface to a piece of advice or a warning. Its use is supposed to imply the speaker is neither bossing around nor threatening the hearer, only offering sage advice or a pithy observation. In practice, however, it is often used immediately before a verbal threat to another inmate.
Not for nothin', but your cellie is a straight-up rat. I saw him talkin' to the 5-O right after that bust up where they lugged those dudes to solitary.
by Bill McCallum December 12, 2006
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it ain't a thing to me; no problem; consider it done
Can you get me a dime sack?

Fo' sho, it's nothin'!
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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A phrase used at the beginning of a sentence, typically followed by a statement or question that could potentially upset the recipient, if not worded tactfully.
Used often in the Upper East coast, particularly New York.

Similar in definition to the term “No offense but....”

Meant to soften the blow.
“Not for Nothin but you look like you haven’t slept in weeks.”
by Missnicpowers October 27, 2019
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(n.) - a uncomplimentary term used to describe a person, most notably a female, who is a slut *and* will likely amount to nothing in life.
(example 1)
John: Did you hear about Chris's new girlfriend?
David: 'Nah, what's she like?
John: She's a high-school dropout, and she's loose as hell.
David: Damn, she sound like a cumdumpsta-nothin!

(example 2)
John: So how's it goin' with the new gf?
Chris: Man, I dropped that ho -- she ain't nothin' but a cumdumpsta-nothin!
by J-Philly February 26, 2007
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is when you are talking about something that isnt all that important
i just brought some new boots nothin major though
by dabullty December 9, 2009
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