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short for honey, an endearing term
Hey hun, i missed you!
by Dawn June 15, 2002
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A friendly way to call someone. Doesn't have to be specifically romantic in nature, just a caring, kind way of calling someone.
Hey hun, how are you doing?
Congrats on that new job, hun!
by nenawoot September 01, 2010
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A fierce barbarian tribe that sacked almost sacked the city of rome when lead by Attila the Hun (the scourge of god) leaving most of the western empire almost completely destroyed. However mysteriously the hun were turned back by the pope and never seen again.
Those damn huns burned down my villa and raped my wife!
by milkshake March 26, 2005
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A term with a few different meanings, depending on the context of its use.

The Huns were a tribe of Asiatic nomads who, under the leadership of Atilla the Hun (also known as the "Scourge of God" by Europeans who feared him) in the 5th century AD, swept into Europe with his infamous horde of mounted archers. Under his leadership, they pillaged/sacked/razed many towns and villages belonging to the Roman Empire, and other tribespeople who were in Europe at the time (namely the Germanic tribes). Relatively little is known about this group of people.

The term resurfaced in the early 20th century, when WWI broke out. By the Allied powers, it became a derogatory term for any German soldier (much like "Fritz" and "Jerry" were also used to refer to Germans). It stayed in use as late as WWII. It was akin to the terms "Tommy" (for English soldiers) and "Yank" (for US soldiers).
The Huns swept through Europe, threatening Rome and local tribespeople.

"C'mon, you Hun bastards, get outta your fucking dugouts! I got a hundred Maxim rounds with your names on them!"
by The One Who Cocks February 09, 2014
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Term used for a Rangers supporter. First used by in the judicial deliberation laid down following the infamous rioting of Ranger fans in 1972 after their cup winner cup victory. The judge is known to have said that the fans displayed hun like behaviour (i.e. rioting charging looting not disimilar from Atilla the Hun). The rioting was abhored by the Rangers F.C manager who said “It is to these tikes, hooligans, louts and drunkards that I pinpoint my message – it is because of your gutter-rat behaviour that we Rangers FC are being publicly tarred and feathered . . . ”
I see those Huns were rioting in Manchester, two European finals, two riots. They really are Scotlands Shame!!
by Shea Guevara March 24, 2010
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dirty smelly orange inbred inhabitants (or parasites) found in the occupied 6 counties in the north of ireland. in hun areas were the huns exist the gene pool is very shallow due to their love of fucking their family members. they also have close together eyes.
look at that hun! his eyes are very close together!
by boo hoo September 24, 2006
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