One of the greatest fighters in boxing history. He was a three time heavy weight champion. And was known for his unique style, awesome knock outs, and great trash talking.
Person 1: Man that guy was trash talking so bad about George Foreman.

Person 2: Yeah he's an amazing fighter.

Person 1: He just knocked out Foreman! Who is he?

Person 2: That's Mohammed Ali
by akmand February 18, 2010
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Sexy Libyan beast Gets to much ass🍑. The dripeist nigga out there and that’s a fact. Chilliest and funniest too. Doesn’t fuck with love cause it’s BS. But will still fuck ur mom and ur grandma.
mohammed ali is a beast
by Sexy Libyan October 21, 2019
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greatest man on earth ever to be born. very strong ,has great sense of humour, has his own rules ,respects everyone but does not respect his enemies .has a bit of attitude which he believes is important to live properly.
when i grow up i want to become like mohammed azam ali the great
by wordeees offf wisdomse February 23, 2018
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my names nageye mohammed ali aka nali de thot and i’m a nigger
by nageyes victim November 28, 2019
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The sexiest moroccan ever seen, he is as hot as sweet , and too cool to hate you, caring and lose interest easily , he likes spending time with his friends ,Gets to much ass because bitches like his huge dick 😩.
Chilliest and funniest person , Doesn’t need to be in love too fuck ,But still can fuck ur mom and ur grandma.
Can’t even imagine how hard is to not be a mohamed ali
by Sexy mohamed ali November 20, 2021
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The legend: You wanna fight?
Man 1/2: woah woah woah!
The legend: I was a sparring partner for Mohammed Ali, i'll take any two of you on right now!
man 1: What? Mohammed? Ali?! *gulp*
the legend: thats right!
man 1: *laughs*
by Kumbear December 16, 2022
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