Simply the best, a gift to god sent to earth to stop global warming, end poverty and world hunger. Just the presence of a Jordon makes all woman in the room orgasm on the spot. It is said in ancient greek myths that in the battle of titans a Jordon came down and won the battle in 10 seconds it would have been 5 but he had to tie his shoe. Some nicknames for a Jordon are The holy lord, Chuck Norris and i'm not worthy. Gets greatly offended if you call him a Jordan.
Person 1: omg do you know who that is?

Person 2: of course i do it's a Jordon

Person 1: we should start bowing

Person 2: i think he's pissed we haven't already
by Thebigman15 October 7, 2010
A very sexy guy.He gets all the girls.Jordon cares for everyone but his mood changes very quickly so be careful what you say to him.He may get all the girls but he doesn't date them so he's only a secondary threat .If you come to like him tell him as soon as possible ,because if you don't there might not be another chance.But he doesn't date black girls ,if your mixed that's a different story.
Have you seen the hot new guy Jordon
by Sonic the hedgehog March 7, 2017
A sweet loving girl who is always obsessed with a band and loves her best friends more than anything. Always a beautiful girl and tends to be a little short but really smart.
Guy : Did you see that girl?!!
Guy 2 : yeah she's beautiful
Girl: That's jordon she's my best friend we're practically sisters
Guy: I love her
by Ermen December 21, 2012
My Best friend. and amazing guy who knows how to make everything thats bothering you just fade away. knows how to make you smile even when your crying. who's kisses can send you to the moon and back, and make you want them more and more. who's hugs can make some one strong cry like a little baby. who's love is something girls have been looking for since the dawn of time. some one who's smile puts the sun to shame. some one you think of daily. some one you love uncondisionaly. some one you wish you could spend you whole life with but you know you can't. some one who loves Hong-Kong because they know what it means. i still love you jordon
his kisses remind me of Jordon.
by Darlene[Rainbow] September 30, 2009
A Gordon-like Jordan.
Nobody seems to notice that the name is spelled with an O instead of an A. Which makes everyone think the person is a Jordan.
That Jordon sure did fool me.
by paper plate April 21, 2008
the sexiest man alive. his penis is usually 4 to 5 inches bigger then the average mans. girls love him and wish that he was there boyfriend. if Jordon is your boyfriend you shouldn't leave him. also he gives the hottest sex on planet earth.
I wish i didn't leave my Jordon. He was perfect.
by blackhawkeyes June 1, 2010