54 definition by Shaun

shit that is mushy or runny, started on the dave chappelle show
i had mudbutt last night and it sucked
by shaun January 30, 2005

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When you push your package (genitals) between your legs and then moon someone
I thought he was going to moon me, but instead he gave me a growler.
by Shaun January 20, 2005

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Somewhere far away in a remote place or unsafe place (ie: ghetto)
Damn, his house is in the Cutty Bang

We gotta drive to the cutty bang to get to the liquor store.
by Shaun November 18, 2003

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some stupid name for a joke mailing list
marcus is a monkeyshine
by Shaun March 28, 2003

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boobs, mammaries, breasts, titties
She bared her plapps and pubes
by Shaun February 11, 2004

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