54 definition by Shaun

Most prone to cause fires, accidents, death, destruction, sadness, rectal bleeding, immobilization and utter chaos.
Shaun T. Cox is bad news.
by Shaun January 15, 2004

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A merging of the title, "Criminal Pimp."
Yo Crimp, where all da hos at?!
by Shaun December 30, 2003

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happy bob aka sean rowe is very gay and has no penis
my go happy bob your so gay with your lack of penis
by shaun October 07, 2004

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Old grey haird fuddy duddy, drives a Merc (or two or three), Lives in Mandurah,
IHow am I supposed to know... I'm just a KNOB HEAD !!!
by shaun May 29, 2003

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Bay area slang for a 5.0 mustang
Yo that nigga wrapped his 50 around the pole.
by Shaun January 25, 2004

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short for Abundance Of Weiner More guys than girls at a place at once :(
God damn theres so many guys here what a fucking AOW
by Shaun February 03, 2004

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When one places the palms of the hands together (like you would do when you pray) and then you run up behind your unsuspecting victim and ram those hands in his ass and SHOUT BREAD!! (Please note that this meaning of bread was invented by me and any use thereof requires my permission) shaun69@ananzi.co.za
Sneak up on the victim and as you ram those hands in there shout BREAD!!
by Shaun February 21, 2004

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