108 definition by Shane

sootie is a farsi term for "fake blatant hacker" who is a leet sauce at CS but was cut from his team #a3 due to the stupid opinion from numlock thinking he hacks.
Dude, that guy is so leet, he's a sootie!
by Shane March 14, 2005

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European manufacture of glued together airplanes (composites). Their latest jet the A380 carries up to 800-some people. boeingthus, is the schiznit cuz it made the 777! YEA-AH! But, Airbus is cool too.
I'm scheduled on an Airbus A319 today. (Note to self: bring glue).
by Shane February 19, 2005

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I Gotz Lotz OF Chips
by shane June 18, 2003

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Shitty (from "kaka"); beshitted
I can't work in this verkakte chair.
by Shane February 19, 2004

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Someone who dosent or cant afford to wash.
Look at the state of her hair she is such a mink.
by Shane May 02, 2003

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go balls to the wall, don't stop rocking.
when in doubt just give'r
by Shane December 20, 2002

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Breasticles, taa taa's, boobs, mans toys
Damn you see them girls hooters??
by Shane September 28, 2004

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