The expression used when someone is severly beaten in an argument (thus silencing them), inadvertantly embarrasses themselves, is made a fool of etc.

Similar in meaning to owned/pwned or served.
1. Haha did you see that killing Farmer just gave Hobbs?

2. Killed! *wiggles fingers*

3. You just got KILLED!
by the_robsta June 1, 2005
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1. When somebody has physically been brought to death by another human
2. When somebody makes a joke so funny you might die.
3. When your urban dictionary post gets rejected so many times that you feel like youve been killed.
1. US Army soldiers have killed thousands of Nazis.
2. "I cracked so hard at that joke, I think he killed me."
3. I swear to god this submission hasn't made it in so many times that I probably should've killed myself.
by lilglock January 23, 2019
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Can refer to many actions ~ all in overabundance.. like eating too much too fast, telling a stupid joke repeatedly, trying to fix something and then making it worse than it was originally.
Brother:"Mom, where are the leftovers?"
Sister:"Woops, I killed that shit, like 20 minutes ago"
Brother:"What, Imma kill you fool"
by Voruhs luhzeh January 14, 2005
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A bowl of marijuana that has been completely used and will not light.
I think we killed that bowl, put in some more weed.
by Geist May 22, 2005
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What anybody who types "it's not urban slang" as a reason for deleting a word from this dictionary should be.
some fag:"it's not urban slang"

everybody else:"you're dead motherfucker,DIEEE!!!!!!!!!"
by kill kill kill kill kill February 9, 2005
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The stongest possible form of marijuana. Usually in the form of buds.
Tre-Fo' let me get some of that Kill-Kill!
by Dillon Shore May 1, 2008
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