The expression used when someone is severly beaten in an argument (thus silencing them), inadvertantly embarrasses themselves, is made a fool of etc.

Similar in meaning to owned/pwned or served.
1. Haha did you see that killing Farmer just gave Hobbs?

2. Killed! *wiggles fingers*

3. You just got KILLED!
by the_robsta May 31, 2005
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Can refer to many actions ~ all in overabundance.. like eating too much too fast, telling a stupid joke repeatedly, trying to fix something and then making it worse than it was originally.
Brother:"Mom, where are the leftovers?"
Sister:"Woops, I killed that shit, like 20 minutes ago"
Brother:"What, Imma kill you fool"
by Voruhs luhzeh January 14, 2005
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A bowl of marijuana that has been completely used and will not light.
I think we killed that bowl, put in some more weed.
by Geist May 21, 2005
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To put many graff on a wall or train.

see also (OVERKILL).
damn those toys killed that wall.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
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An expression used when one has been smoking marajuana and is in the state before tweaking, and after toasty. Commonly used when a person's want to express that they can't smoke any more than they already have. When expressed the person is usually experiencing cotton mouth from a sensation known as "the munchies", and is experiencing an extreme urge to smile making them look similar to a person of Asian decent. After this statement is uttered a person is most likely to be found either eating, zoning out, sleeping, laughing uncontollably, watching television, or saying wierd shit.
Dude I can't take another hit, I'm killed.


I was so killed last night that I ate two Chicken Cheese Steaks and fries while watching Donnie Darko.


"Alright I admit it Sarah, I'm killed! K-I-L-L-E-D!"

by Gregory Hathaway December 08, 2007
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