Jason is a sarcastic person, but when you get to know him he will talk and joke around with you. He is a hopeless romantic that dreads being alone. He calls the woman that he loves beautiful not hot. He makes sure the lucky girl he has in his life is ok at all times. He tries to be a good guy to everyone and is always trying to clear his past.
by Not Jason Powers October 7, 2018
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The man of my dreams. He's unlike any other. People who don't know him are easy captivated by him. He brings calmness to his surroundings. The best friend anyone could ask for. Listens to you. Never judges you instead challenges you to be a better person. He shows love in everything he does. Slow to love and very guarded with his heart. Loyal beyond words. What he says he will do. He is protective of his family and friends. Most of all whoever becomes his wife will be one lucky woman
Ann-Who is that guy?
Joe- That is Jason.
Ann- I want to be his gf.
by Swtksss October 14, 2013
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Jason is an amazing guy.

He is a guy of which most people would wish to have in their lives. He loves you so much and is not afraid to say it.
He often overthinks things and thinks that he’s doing something wrong when he’s not
He loves to be reassured and loved but feels as if he could never be and that if he ever was, people would try to ruin his relationship.
Jason is a very sarcastic person when it comes to people he dislikes, Ex’s, and odd situations
He has been through tough times but he always manages to get through them.
If you ever go out with a Jason then be prepared for “I love you so much” every single day
Jason is am amazing, kind, witty, sweet, honest, loyal, gorgeous guy
by Maxine Gonçalves January 29, 2019
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An amazing guy with an awesome personality. He's really hot and so much fun to be with. The only name that is spelled with the months
He's really nice and really smart. Very playful and energetic
Jason is so hot
by jasontheawesome March 2, 2015
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Everyone knows a Jason. Jason’s are probably popular and well- known. Jason’s are very smart, kind and probably have a secret artistic side. Jason’s can sometimes be athletic, probably likes sports such as Golf or Frisbee. Jason’s May seem cool and chill but lowkey kinda sensitive and want people to like them. Jason’s make the best friends, so if you know a Jason, keep them close. Jason’s will do anything for the people they love, but may not be appreciated all the time. Jason’s usually get nervous around people they like. Jason’s can either be super hot, kinda nerdy, or both. Most likely to be on student council or a club president. Jason’s are overall amazing people and you are lucky if you have a Jason in your life !
Person 1: Ugh Jason is so hot
Person 2: Yesterday when he was taking photos outside and he looked RIGHT AT ME
Person 1: OMG RLY??

Person 2: ya, I’ll talk to him tmr, he seems super chill.

Person 1: not if I talk to him first!
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A common name for a male. Comes from Greek láson, meaning healer. Jason is a common name for someone of high intellect logical reasoning. This person will usually get annoyed by small things. This person is usually not very athletic. Will usually make friends quickly, but only a few friends will be considered good friends to this person. Insults frequently with no hurtful intention, just to tease.
He is Jason; Jason is his name; Jason is good at math;
by worldnamedefinitions December 2, 2013
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A sexy beast of unnatural proportions. A lover of women. Eats pussy like a king. Loves his woman. Is loyal. Never Corrupted in anyway. Gives his all in every single thing he does. A Magician.
That Jason...Ain't he somethin'?
by The_OtherGirlz_ May 29, 2014
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