108 definition by Shane

(Western US via cowboy movies)

Your last remark crossed the line. Immediately retract/clarify/soften it, or I'll be offended/in your face/pumping you full of lead.
"Of course, there never was a man born in those parts who was worth a damn..."

"Smile when you say that!"
by Shane August 11, 2003

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Similar to The Shocker but adding an extra finger in the stink.
The shocker wasn't enough so I gave her the vulcan
by Shane March 03, 2005

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A gay or homosexual fox. Originated from Phredrik Phox's video of his free time. This is exibited on many other sites. Don't let the fox's hump you.
Get off of me you faggoty fox!

Tanner is a faggoty fox!
by Shane April 02, 2005

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Any illegal narcotic or drug, but most commonly used as another name for methamphetamine made with anhydrous ammonia chemicals.
"There are a lot drug users looking to score some epod in town"
by shane March 27, 2004

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TO Put Up YOUR Setz And get ready to fight
Knuckle up nucker
by shane June 18, 2003

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"yais" can't be defined conventionally. one would be less successful at defining "yais" than he/she would be at defining the contemporary english language's utility infielder, "like". "yais" is a state of mind. "yais" is understanding and misunderstanding, as well as all points described on the subsequent continuum.
you are lovely, yais; gay, yais; yais? yais; is two plus two, four? yais; (if i had the character spaces to continue, i probably wouldn't. yais.)
by shane April 04, 2005

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Due to the high temperatures found in hot tubs normal sperm can not survive. Therefore if any sperm do survive they're pretty freakish and abnormal. Any pregnancy resulting from use of these sperm results in a hot tub baby
Why does that kid have 3 arms? He's a hot tub baby.
by Shane March 21, 2005

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