108 definition by Shane

Same as nutmeg
I just gave u a panna
by Shane June 25, 2004

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To be inducted into an organized crime family, with all rights and priveleges thereof.
Pauly is a made man, nobody can touch him without the boss's ok.
by Shane May 22, 2003

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n. when you take a dump that is so long that it sticks out of the water.
After eating that bowl of oatmeal, I feel like I could lay a nessie.
by shane November 30, 2004

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Slang for a penis or litrerally sausage made of duck meat.
Do you like duck sausage? Well then, duck down and get you some.
by Shane April 01, 2004

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1. Adj. Norwegian for shit bag.
2. N. A bag of shit (irregular)

Heard in some bars in MN and WA state on occasion.
Hey, your mothers a fucking drittsekk.

Lets light some drittsekk on fire over on your neighbors porch, ring the bell and stand there laughing as they stomp it out .
by Shane August 23, 2003

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a sexual remover where the male is getting a feamle from the back. while doing this he pulls out and spits on her back. when the female turns around he busts in her eyes and all over her face.
"dude i gave her a hudini last night
by shane March 13, 2004

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To make a problem worse than it already is.
Don't exacerbate things!
by Shane June 19, 2004

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