A decade from January 1960 to December 31 1969.According to Ken Brockman from the Simpsons, "What a pointless decade".
In the 1960's:

1.Beach Boys rise and make surf and pop/rock music
2.Beatles rose and made rock in 1964
3.Rolling Stones rose and made rock n roll as the original bad boys
4.The Who rose and turned rock into trashing hotel rooms, smashing instruments after ever gig and playing loud and being badass
5.Hippie Culture arose
6.Led Zeppelin appeared and soon became Godly
7.Richard Nixon becomes president
8.Neil Armstrong lands on the moon
9.Heavy Metal forms with Black Sabbath
10.JFK gets assinated
11.Vietnam war breaks out
12.Unprotected sex comes along
13.Kimi Hendrix
14.Invention of colour tv
by Taxman July 31, 2006
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The United States Military in a lego game. They get all the girls roleplaying as some Lego Military Men.
"Hey, are you in the USM 1960's?"

"The what?"

by AliveMessi102 November 13, 2020
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The second most awesome era (especially in the USA) for it had some of the best cars ('67 Mustang, anyone?). Plus it still had the charm of the 50's. Also, it was before the gas crisis so yeah, you could drive a 7.2L (or 440 cubic inch) displacement engined car in them times.
Boy, you from the 60's?
Those 1960's cars were amazing. Out of words now.
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