describing an item that looks really nice.
Yo, that suit's clean!!!
by Cleetus Wilburn December 10, 2001
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When someone has not self-harmed for a certain amount of time.
I’ve been clean for 3 months now.
by random-peep November 16, 2017
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Having stopped taking drugs.
"I've been clean for 3 weeks"
by Guy Johnson November 12, 2003
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1. to throw as much crap into your closet as quickly as possible.

2. someone that has no STD's or STI's.
1. my room is clean grandma.

2. wanna make out? im clean.
by noni shy August 2, 2009
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Clean is a slang term for cocaine meaning very very good cocaine
You those dubs of clean are fire. We are going to be discoing through the 80's again
by WastedSoldier January 23, 2005
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