Licked someone's ... erm ... "out hole" Kinda the opposite of french kissing ^^
I rimmed Britney Spears... I feel so dirty.
by Gary November 30, 2003
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1. Getting fucked by someone with a really large male member

2. Being bested by other party.
1. Honey, he rimmed me all night, no wonder I was late for school.

2. The Joneses rimmed those guys good. Two guys had their kneecaps broken, 4 broken noses and three broken arms. Peppi's Pizza Place got rimmed too, glass everywhere.
by abragag December 2, 2008
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I rimmed that margherita with the salt rimmed glass.
by Spencer February 4, 2003
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A financial term used for a stock that appears to have intrinsic value, but actually has no value whatsoever. It is derived from the collapse in Research In Motions equity ticker (RIM), the former maker of the popular Blackberry device.

An investor who gets rimmed is one who watches the CEO continually lie about the value of the company in total denial about the fact that there are significantly better products on the market as was the case for RIM.
investor dude, i lost a fortune on that stock. I've been totally rimmed today.
advisor you should stay away from XYZ stock too, you could get rimmed on it.
by a_fool March 17, 2017
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A devious Sex Act invented by the Kapman.
"There is something called a 'Rim-to-Rim'... I want to do it . It's very hard, very intense & I want you to do it with me."
by Silvy WannaBe July 7, 2017
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The practice of orally pleasuring the anus/rectum of another by using the lips/tongue. The 'rim' being the anus hence the act of 'rimming.' Usually applied to those with a fetish for having their ass stimulated in such a way. Also a term used for somebody who is a typical 'suck-up' or 'brown-nose.'
'Man, could you get your tongue any further up Mr. Johnson's ass? He's not gonna give you a promotion, quit the rimming!'
by Llewelyn Dowd January 3, 2022
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