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Bilal is the name of the first Muslim African to go and spread the word of Allah and the Koran to Africa
Bilal was a good man.
by Shane December 11, 2004

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As in a Fat Person and/or an extremely large buttocks. Can also be used in an insult, calling someone "fat" may not always work, so adding "Fatass" My help to boost your insult to astronomical heights
"Taylor has a Fat Ass"
"Taylor is a Fat Ass"
by Shane December 14, 2003

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Analogous to the vagina--may be used in the context of an extremely loose (sloppy) vagina.
With all the cock that girl swallows, it's no wonder she's got a sideways sloppy-joe.
by Shane December 09, 2004

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the act of being violent, vulgar, or commiting social no no's like incest, phedophelia, or disgusting sexual acts.
"She went Jerry Springer on me"
"you better watch or he'll go Jerry Springer on you:
"watch your kids and animals, they may go Jerry Springer"
by shane March 22, 2005

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To be rimmed while simultaneously recieving a handjob.

(It has NOTHING to do with "mud butt". whomever posted that definition is completely wrong and a moron. That is known as "scat". The anus is clean while getting rimmed.)
"She tongued my asshole while giving me the best handjob I've ever had in my life!"
by Shane March 11, 2005

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A definition which translates directly as "the police are on the block." Usually used when trying to announce publicly to run away, since the cops are "on your tail"
"Woot-Woot! (Imitation of Police Sirens) The block is hot!"
by Shane March 25, 2003

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Brilliant director/writer/producer.


-The Royal Tenenbaums

-Bottle Rocket
yo, man, wes anderson make you think n shit!
by Shane September 14, 2004

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