108 definitions by Shane

Any illegal narcotic or drug, but most commonly used as another name for methamphetamine made with anhydrous ammonia chemicals.
"There are a lot drug users looking to score some epod in town"
by Shane March 28, 2004
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1. A taste so pleasing it transcends conventional description.
"I've had brownies before, but carmel fudge brownies a la mode? That's donkalicious."
by Shane February 6, 2005
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Someone who dosent or cant afford to wash.
Look at the state of her hair she is such a mink.
by Shane May 2, 2003
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Plodge Plodging is when you walk through a body of water such as the sea or a pond.

Let's go for a plodge in the river tyne.
by Shane October 1, 2003
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"Stop man, you're messin um my flow"
by Shane March 23, 2005
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