108 definitions by Shane

"Stop man, you're messin um my flow"
by Shane March 23, 2005
Any illegal narcotic or drug, but most commonly used as another name for methamphetamine made with anhydrous ammonia chemicals.
"There are a lot drug users looking to score some epod in town"
by Shane March 28, 2004
1. A taste so pleasing it transcends conventional description.
"I've had brownies before, but carmel fudge brownies a la mode? That's donkalicious."
by Shane February 6, 2005
Drinking toast "Skall til faen and all my other close and personal friends"
by Shane August 24, 2003
Same as Indoor Sledding except that the woman keeps her pants on.
Outdoor Sledding satisfied her alright.
by Shane November 14, 2003
boys in blue
(n) Police
Got Caught on a 211 by da boys in blue
by Shane June 19, 2003
To please a woman with your hand, mainly by inserting it somehow into the vagina itself.
by Shane November 14, 2003