So extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period.
The outfit my teacher wore resembled something a caveman would wear, making me realize it was archaic.
by Yummy Pineapple Cheese. February 26, 2007
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1. An exceptional programmer known for breaking into some of the worlds most guarded systems by finding and executing new vulnerbilities on the fly.

2. This hax0r who is 13373r +h4n j00
Logging into
Access Granted.
by webster November 4, 2003
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The above definition is mistaken. What the author is talking about is not an "archaic victory," but a Pyrrhic victory.
Tony Soprano would probably refer to a Pyrrhic victory as an archaic victory.
by palaeologos January 17, 2008
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A metal dildo used in the medieval times as a weapon and a tool
The old woman an Archaic Dildo to have fun
by Arcaic Dildo May 15, 2020
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The act of trolling others with very old or old fashioned material or media. The material/media used can also tend to be very obscure to most people in the modern world. Archaic Trolls are considered very eclectic , and get their kicks thru the confusion their old and obscure material causes amongst their targets.
Repeatedly sending someone that old Bugs Bunny cartoon from WWII is considered Archaic Trolling.
by TheFiend138 May 24, 2020
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A victory won at too great a cost.
A war won by a particular side, but in too great a cost: crippled economy, depleated population, ruined land. ETC.

"The country suffered an archaic victory."
by Nicholas William November 6, 2006
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