109 definitions by sHane

To be inducted into an organized crime family, with all rights and priveleges thereof.
Pauly is a made man, nobody can touch him without the boss's ok.
by sHane May 22, 2003
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a woman that dresses like a man
Oh my god your a manwo!?!?
by sHane September 03, 2003
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A hairy ape, possibly a G unit. Likes bannanas and eating things from his hair. EXTREMELY HAIRY and wats to become a physicist
by sHane March 20, 2003
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To be rimmed while simultaneously recieving a handjob.

(It has NOTHING to do with "mud butt". whomever posted that definition is completely wrong and a moron. That is known as "scat". The anus is clean while getting rimmed.)
"She tongued my asshole while giving me the best handjob I've ever had in my life!"
by sHane March 11, 2005
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A mink, some one who has no money.
Sarah is a scaf, she cant even afford shoes.
by sHane May 02, 2003
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something that shane and erin tend to do all the time. Generally a waste of time.
We are planning to rindig this holidays.
by sHane November 19, 2003
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n. when you take a dump that is so long that it sticks out of the water.
After eating that bowl of oatmeal, I feel like I could lay a nessie.
by sHane November 30, 2004
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