A word created by someone who didn't bother to spell feces correctly.
Feces, not fecies.
by AnonymousGuy October 27, 2003
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Portmanteau for "Female Species". Sometimes confused with "feces".
Some say that "knowitallism" is a trait common to every member of the fecies.

Brunch is to (Breakfast + Lunch) as Fecies is to (Female + Species)
by Captain Tubesock March 24, 2008
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What you call your penis after dirty butt secks.
I was giving it to this skank butt good then I pulled out and had a fecis.
by xxLexXX May 20, 2009
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(fess-iss) Like feces but better. a more extreme version of the word feces, used to describe in a superlative manner. Used figuratively to describe extreme filth or other negative conotation. 2. Often used to describe the excrement of a zebra (zeb-ra) not (zeeb-ra).
My word! That zebra is covered in that other zebra's fecis!

Clean up your junk. I'm tired of living in your fecis.
by Little A July 19, 2006
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When you are in the bath tub and the warm water creates a sensation in your asshole that makes u shit in the water.
Paul constantly experiences tub-fecies when he is tking a bath.
by vikings3737 March 23, 2005
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