Sadly, adverbs are no longer commonly used in everyday speech and perhaps even in writing; they are increasingly being replaced by adjectives. See the examples for clarification.

Remember that adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Adjectives modify nouns.
Incorrect usage with adjectives:
Incorrect: I did good on that competition today.
Incorrect: I did bad on that test.
Incorrect: My computer can download files fast!
Incorrect: My computer works perfect.

Correct usage with adverbs:
Correct: I did well on that competition today.
Correct: I did badly on that test.
Correct: My computer can download files quickly!
Correct: My computer works perfectly.
by Penbiks December 9, 2006
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An adjective describing a verb.

Most likely will end in "-ly."
Slowly, quickly, magically, beautifully, gracefully, charmingly, are all adverbs.
by xxyuli November 22, 2006
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A word which has replaced the longstanding, commonly used adverb "very". It has also replaced the use of stronger adjectives, but this would require being more well-read and that's simply not possible for most smartphone-addicted automata in 2020. This fad has been growing exponentially since around 2015.

Commonly used by anyone who is trying to sound trendy, but comes off sounding uneducated, cringeworthy and just plain embarrassing. It is the height of poor vocabulary.
Examples of super (as an adverb)

I'm super excited! (elated) I'm super tired! (exhausted) I'm super happy! (delighted) The guy was super slow! (sluggish) It was super boring! (monotonous) I'm super confused! (bewildered) The car was super fast! (rapid) My room is super small (tiny) The lunch was super expensive! (extortionate) The class was super interesting! (fascinating)
by Pickle Christy July 8, 2020
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A naked adverb is when a person accuses you of watching porn but, you're simply doing English homework.
Boy: She's watching porn!
Girl: Oh, totally! I'm watching naked adverbs!
by iloveyou_11109 November 7, 2016
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similar to serendipitous - occurred in a dream - implies luck and happiness
finducipitous - (adjective)
Finducipitously, I ran into an old friend at the reunion, and we are enjoying our renewed friendship so much.
by Elizabeth H. October 12, 2004
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To avoid the awkward construct of prefixing adverbs with "more", such as more quickly, or more easily, simply remove the "more" and instead use the phrase "easierly", or "quickerly". Does not apply in all cases, such as in more carefully ("carefullyier"? - nah). But, saves time and space and better than not using the adverbial form of a word at all.
The "more-less" adverb. E.g., "You'll get there quickerly if you take the back road.".
by Quilt45 June 26, 2021
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Arab-issh \’ar əb i-ssh\ n, adj. v, adverb

1. Arab-issh is the next generation of comedians calling the MidEast, Mediterranean, North Africa and/or South Asia their ancestral home. These artists use comedy to discuss their lives, vision and experiences straddling two cultures while living in North America. With unique perspectives on mistaken and misunderstood identity, Arab-issh shares the scary, mundane and funny real-life situations with audiences and critics.
Arab-issh \’ar əb i-ssh\ n, adj. v, adverb

Arab-issh also Arab-ish, adjective, noun “Hey that guy looks Arab-issh, let’s get his number!”

Arab-issh, verb, “You need to keep it real and let them know about that Arab-issh!”

Arab-issh, adverb, “That woman? She's Arab-issh - smart, beautiful, down to Earth & she'll treat you right.”
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