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(usually "for keeps")

a condition in which the consequences are total or permanent
by Eric December 02, 2003
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1. Slang for a word, statement, or object that is favored by others.

2. Anything that is good enough to be done again, a "keeper".
"Man, that shit was keep yo."
"That was mad keep."
by Mathias Rex September 24, 2008
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"keep" is sarcastically said to someone you would like to stop doing something. Basically, it means "don't continue".
Sam, you're playing that music too loud. Keep!
by Rob October 30, 2004
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when you want someone to stop talking or when the person says something stupid or when u just dont care about what the person is talking about.
hey bro i can make cookies...... oh yeah KEEP
by chris hanki February 11, 2008
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(n) : a person who embezzles or launders money, and in doing so, is caught and is denied access to higher-level schooling and occupational work

(v) : to act as a keep; to be extremely stupid and/or launer money or be involved in embezzlement situations
(n) : "Dude, that kid's a Keep, he keeps gettin caught, but it's gwid to watch his get pwn3d all the time by his boss"

(v) : "That ghetto-ass neeg pulled a Keep!"
by Nauf Wauf February 16, 2005
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To steal an object from another, To take without permission. To gyank something.

Also see steal
"O my god, that ass hat pulled a keep"

"I cant believe you keeped that from me"

"That nigga Jeff keeped those shoes right off his feet!"

"Dont try to keep anything from me, i got a security system nigga"
by GHOST February 22, 2005
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