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A notoriously-unreliable stern-mount prop-engine (think, da infamous Sears Rowback) dat anyone being given it to use on his skiff would lapse into a major sulk about it.
Summer camp teenager: I asked for a Honda Four-Stroke to go cruising on the lake, but all I got was this wimpy little 2-cycle poutboard motor dat looks like -t was built back in da stone-age!
by QuacksO August 07, 2019
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Dat boring portion of da world dat ye typical teenage electronic-gadget addict gets all sulky about having to inhabit for any length of time.
One easy way to prevent your offspring's avoiding da Great Poutdoors is to make them earn the money to purchase/operate/maintain their electronic gadgets, compelling them to work outside da house for extended periods.
by QuacksO December 13, 2019
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A super-uncomfortable and/or tacky-looking uniform that you are being forced to wear against your will because "it's the proper/expected thing to do" on that occasion.
The teacher made me wear this ridiculous tight 'n' starched poutfit to the high-school graduation, whereas I wanted to just "dress casual and comfy" so that I could truly enjoy my "great moment". Not only did I sweat like nobody's business and feel like a total dork in that horrid garb, but nobody else even seemed to notice or appreciate my appearance all that much, anyway, and so I seriously doubt if they would have truly minded if I'd merely thrown on a nice shirt and ironed jeans.
by QuacksO October 26, 2018
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Da outdoor WC where ya make unruly/argumentative guests go to sulkily "cool off" after creating needless unpleasantness.
Many people become antisocial after having "downed a few", and so sending them to da pouthouse can "serve double-duty" --- it allows them to both sober up a bit and be already right near da porcelain throne when they'll need to take a whiz after imbibing so liberally.
by QuacksO December 12, 2019
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Refers to any means of releasing excessive resentment/discontent, such as a padded/soundproof cell, punching-bag, time-out doll, etc.
I find dat staring at flowing water for extended periods effectively calms me during stressful occasions, and so I just go and stand on da bridge and watch da river churn by whenever I need a good poutlet.
by QuacksO March 19, 2019
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Possessing a perpetually-petulant attitude in his view of the world on general.
If Ethan Couch hadn't had such a total poutlook on life from his lofty financial position, he might have made more "real" friends and avoided all the horrendous legal entanglements that he --- and by extension, his family --- is into now.
by QuacksO December 19, 2019
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Da amount of "spoiled rich kid" sulking dat someone exhibits in a certain time-period.
Da infamous "affluenza"-afflicted Ethan Couch exhibited voluminous poutput whenever anything didn't go his way.
by QuacksO March 06, 2021
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