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Emotionally fed-up to the point where you wheeze loudly and copiously.
One can imagine how exaspirated the drama-weary faculty at Ethan Couch's school felt when his father actually offered to buy them out just so that Papa's "little prince" could be treated in the unfairly-coddled way that he wanted.
by QuacksO December 13, 2019
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Refers to da spazzed-out feeling of frustration dat you experience when you discover dat either (1) you've run out of white pain-relief tablets, or (2) whatever malady you are suffering is not being significantly alleviated by said generic medication.
I try to avoid products and situations dat would likely produce pain or fever in da first place, and so hopefully I can avoid feeling exaspirinated.
by QuacksO May 27, 2020
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A famous side-arm carried by great leaders, and which can only be removed from its holster by those worthy of its ownership.
In "The Outlaw", Pat Garrett tries to trick Billy the Kid into giving him his famous Excalibers, but ends up with just a pair of useless revolvers from which he himself had removed the firing-pins.
by QuacksO March 04, 2019
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A stupid-a** reason for playing a table-balls-type game instead of working, partaking of outdoor activities, spending time with family and/or friends, etc.
Andy Capp uses any excuese he can think of to head off to the snooker-hall instead of getting a job or helping Flo with housework.
by QuacksO November 24, 2019
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Assorted weary wheezes, irritated snorts, long exhaled breaths accompanied by slumped shoulders, etc. exhibited by a "totally unmotivated" person whenever someone else either mentions that he should get up off his duff and do something constructive, or suggests that he take a walk for his health.
Exasperated wife: I can't ever get that huhhzbin' o' mine to git his butt off the couch --- I tell him a dozen times a day that he should do more than decorate the place, but all he ever does is give me them exersighs!
by QuacksO November 24, 2011
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Stretches and workouts dat you perform to improve da physical dimensions of one or more body-parts.
One often does exersizes to enlarge muscles and reduce belly-fat. Another not-so-well-known regimen that's something like this was detailed in a humorous narrative a few years ago: a dude riding on a public bus notices a fellow passenger vigorously massaging her quite-ample chest while chanting something quietly to herself. Upon curiously questioning her, da guy is surprised to hear da lady say dat six months earlier, her therapist had recommended a fairly-simple cure for her then-unusually-flat chest --- "I just massage the area for a few minutes several times a day while uttering the phrase, 'Scooby-dooby-doobies, I want bigger boobies!' And as you can see, it's worked wonderfully!" Da guy ponders a moment and then asks, "Is your therapist Jim Jones, by any chance?" Upon hearing dat it is and being asked how he guessed, da dude replies a bit sheepishly, "Hickory-dickory-dock..."
by QuacksO February 11, 2020
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What unfeeling/opportunistic physicians used to do with recently-buried humans --- i.e., illegally remove said fresh corpses from their graves to use for dissection and other medical research.
In "The Adventured Of Tom Sawyer", Doc Robinson is presented as a young naive medical practitioner who was overly trusting of others; had he had an ounce of savvy or common sense, he would have known better than to enlist the help of the town drunk and a known career-criminal in his shady exhuminations.
by QuacksO September 29, 2020
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