A gal gal is another name for a women's private part
Another words, a place where everything starts...
Girl 1: omg I'm growing hairs on my gal gal
Girl 2: ha shame
by Gacha.Savy💕 December 16, 2019
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Abbreviation for Giant African Land Snail.
"You want a pet GALS? Those things are invasive."
by cactus.jpeg August 20, 2020
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A unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second. cm/s^2
The Earth's gravitational acceleration equals 982.00 Gal
by All Hail The Ostrich January 6, 2016
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female cannabis plants living in a growtent of a grow content creator on weedtube or other social media.

since we are virings and want to feel cool we call our plants "gals" "girls" or "ladies". not sure what the social class of a female human being thats also refered to as lady has anything to do with a cannabis plant tho.
Virgin Grower: "Next week is gonna be another pretty interestingweek beacuse Ill be heavily defoliation these "gals" in preperation of sending them in to flower and speaking of flowering all of our 4 "ladies" have shown sex and are indeed female plants."

VG : " Im giving these "gals" 24 hours to bounce back from their training before I defoliate. I was worried that if I train and defoliate at the same time that it could cause a little bit too much stress on my "girls"
by virgingrower November 13, 2020
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An extremely Handsome creature known to be very competitive but very smart. A gal influences everyone around themselves and always does things for the better.
We need a Gal to win this game
by JohnnyTalksAlot June 5, 2010
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"Get A Life"

Phrase used by insecure xenophobes as a response to someone with different hobbies, interests or attitudes to themselves. These people often think they have a lot of friends, but usually nobody really cares for them.
Nick: I don't want to hang out with my friends! Leave me alone with my P.C

Mary: GAL Nick. Be social!
by korineto April 9, 2010
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