The act of performing oral sex on women for the necessary amount of time. Every good lover should be prepared to pitch the tent, unroll the sleeping bag and bring the pillow in order to satisfy the recipient. In other words...Put in the time and have a comfortable slumber when you’re going down under.
After the third date, he proved his loyalty by camping out until I was finshed...twice.
by M. Jissen March 1, 2008
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More commonly known as spending the night, a camp out is when a guy has one or more of his friends... well, spend the night at his house. This is not to be confused with a slumber party or a sleepover. Slumber parties are for girls. Sleepovers are for kids under 9. Despite what the name implies, usually no camping outdoors is involved, although sleeping bags will probably be brought over. And a few tents might be pitched *badum-tish*.
"Dad, can I have a camp out with a couple of my friends tonight?"
"In the backyard, son? Why sure, I'll just go to the surplus store and get a couple of canteens, a tent, some MREs..."
"No, I don't mean outside. We'll just be playing MW2."
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referring to morning wood
Aww man, I have a camp-out situation over here.
by Mej January 29, 2006
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Sitting by a computer to order a ticket for a movie online that will quickly sell out.
I am camping out with Lauren for the 3:55pm showing of Harry Potter.
by livecomputers July 12, 2011
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Your last chance to fuck all the people you didn't get to in high school, while getting wasted with your classmates that you lowkey hate.
"Dude I'm pretty sure I fucked Ashley, Tori, and Heaven at the senior camp-out, but I was too drunk to remember"
by Makaveli Meli January 12, 2017
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