Man, that guys is really an "Ethan Couch".
by CallHolla February 22, 2016
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A "modern day" variation on the classic "I'll be able to call David Rockefeller a tramp" saying, and used to humorously refer to your having made a modest profit and/or unexpectedly gained a few bucks extra on a difficult job you recently completed.
Cool hunk #1, seeing his buddy --- who had jokingly told him earlier that morning that he was "wearing himself out getting rich" by driving here and there around town for a couple hours to give several people car-rides for a few bucks apiece --- feverishly lugging humongous bundles of bagged returnable-containers along a hot dusty highway: Gettin' too rich there, Dude?
Cool hunk #2: Yeah, fer sher, Pal --- I declare, I'm gettin' so gol-durned filthy-rich that I can hardly even carry all my vast wealth around! Ethan Couch ain't got nuthin' on me!
by QuacksO August 17, 2018
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