code word for sex in the academic world.
Jordan: So, what did you do this weekend?
Michael: I had to tutor this chick.
Lindsey: You tutored? Or you TUTORED?
Michael: Yeah, I TUTORED her. Her dad pays me hourly.
Jordan: So how long did you end up tutoring her for?
Michael: Let's just say I tutored her at the table all night long.
Lindsey: Manwhore.
by Jordan and Lindsey May 13, 2008
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A tutor is not a "bong." A tutor is similar to a teacher, except unlike a teacher, a tutor is able to offer students one-on-one attention and actually explain difficult concepts so that they make sense.

Tutors are often students themselves, volunteering their time to fulfill one or more of these objectives:
a) Fill their resumes or
b) Actually help kids or
c) Make money

Whether in it for a, b, or c, most tutors know what they're doing.
Samantha: Can you go out for lunch?

Sherry: I can't. I'm tutoring.

Samantha: You mean smoking a bong?

Sherry: No; I tutor kids in subjects like algebra and writing. Like a teacher?

Samantha: But the internet defines a tutor as a bong!

Sherry: Not anymore.
by Suburban Decay January 29, 2011
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Someone who puts your brain into work mode,so that you know what to do in the future.
Having a tutor is fun.
by SomeoneNew August 1, 2011
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telling your parents your tutoring a friend and then when u "tutor" them actually having a crazy make out session and going into to activities such as Netflix and chill. One word of advice (GRAB DAT ASS!!)
Mom I'm going to tutor over at Justin's house

Hey if u want I can "tutor" you after school
by Casper1078 November 25, 2015
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I can give you a tutoral on Filemaker Pro, either face to face or via PBX.
by mraaron387 June 28, 2006
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these are people who are untrustworthy. They steal things all the time and lie to you on a regular basis. The highlight of a tutors day is stealing a register from a dwyer.
Put that register back where it belongs and do some work, you filthy tutor.
by hood-rat May 12, 2003
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A totally feeling of not being able to help your student as a tutor, you have tried everything. You are pale, sad, angry, and at your wits end and you must run to your colleagues at the tutoring center to vent. You hide out in the kitchen of the center
I have or I get tutoritis every time student A comes in.
by Fleurdelys March 1, 2013
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