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noun. a town located in the northwest of the san fernando valley. chatsworth borders on the hills that make up the north edge of the valley. It is next to west hills, canoga park and northridge.

Chatsworth is home to the largest porn industry in the world (vivid entertainment, legend video, etc.). check your porn, i bet a bunch of it was produced and printed/distributed from this very town!

Their freeway is the 118. in the hills there are some rich-ass communities, some gated ones, some not. on the valley floor things are pretty middle class.

for some reason lots of the news stations measure the temperature of the west valley (or sometimes even the whole valley) in chatsworth.
when you hear about someone "filming a movie" in "a mansion in chatsworth" you know it's worth peeking over the fence for a bit

see also "mansion in the valley"
by Olly J March 14, 2005

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1. adj. denoting a state of completedness, Finished.

2. adj. Intoxicated; to be at such a level of intoxication from either drugs or alcohol that the person could be described as "finished" for the night. NOTE: describing someone or one's self as being "done" does not necessarily mean they will actually stop getting more intoxicated or that they are actually "done"

3. v. (past tense) sometimes substituted for the word "did".

4. v. to have sexual intercourse

5. v. to be insulted in a harsh manner; dissed(US),slated(UK),cussed(UK)

6. v. the act of being incriminated and punished; booked

7. n. abbreviation of methadone, a drug used as a subsitute for heroin (given to addicts to wean them off the H)

8. interjection; used in the south of the U.S.A., usually used to defer greater emphasis to a sentance or to imply that the speaker has already imparted this information before; already
1. Boss: "hey did you finish all that stuff I gave you earlier?"
worker: "yes sir, it's all done and on your desk"

2. guy1: "Dude! you looked fucked!"
guy2: "I been drinking and blazing since noon. I'm Done!"
guy1: "Nah, you aint done... hit this"

3. chef: "it's about time you done some work in this damn kitchen"

4. guy1: "man she is a hottie"
guy2: "yeeaaaaah boy, I done her last night after that house party"

5. guy1: "... and if you come back, i'll beat you like the puny little cocksucker that you are! bitch!!"
guy2: "ooooh, you just got *done* mate!"

6. guy1: "oi, where's jim?"
guy2: "locked up mate. he got done for nicked that old lady's purse"

7. smackhead: "'done aint enough... I need my H!"

8. hick1: "cletus! where's the damn shotgun, I's hungry!"
hick2: "I done told you we a'int got no bullets left!"
by Olly J June 02, 2005

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noun. Slang terminology for Cannabis or Marijuana, from the american pronounciation of "herb".
"yo, I got some dank erb yesterday man..."
"werd, let me check that shit out"
by Olly J February 06, 2005

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The mythical figure said to visit stoners that have been good in the last Weed Year, leaving them presents on 4/20 eve to reward them for their good behavior.

Ganja Claus is most often pictured as a jolly old rasta with long dredlocks, dressed head to toe in green. Rumours state that he flies through the sky on a lawn chair pulled by 8 giant sloths
dude: "you gonna roll another one?"
other dude: "nah we've only got a ten bag left any dan will need a spliff after work..."
dude: "wow man, that's nice of you. I hope Ganja Claus is watching..."
by Olly J April 16, 2007

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v. From English slang terminology. 1. To be sorted. To be under the influence of ecstacy. Broader uses include being under the influence of other drugs and also being equiped with ecstacy (or other substances) 2. To be organised. To have things in order.
3. syn. for cool or wicked.
1. (in a club)"easy mate, you havin' a good night"
"yeah im fuckin' sorted bruv!!"

2. "I've got to get my taxes sorted by tuesday."

3. "can you hook me up with that program you use for editing songs?"
"yeah, sure"
by Olly J February 06, 2005

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a phrase used to say "thank you". usually it is for something that has already happend. usually used in a casual context, when someone has done you a favor, but probably not a huge favor
girl: "here's your shirts, i stopped by the dry cleaners on the way home"
boy: "oh thanks babe, good lookin out"
by Olly J March 31, 2005

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noun. A hardcore producer and DJ from Scotland. His record label, Evolution Records, has put out a number of highly successful releases. Scott Brown also produces a mix cd for the "Bonkers" compliation series.
"scott brown's kick drums are fucking *HARD* man! how does he get em to sound like that?"
by Olly J February 23, 2005

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