Acronym form: ADD.
A much-debated psychological disorder characterized by a constant need to switch activities and/or hyperactivity.

Contrary to popular belief, ADD is a real disorder, and there are people who actually benefit from ritalin. Unfortunately, a lot of normal people with short attention spans claim to have ADD in order to attract sympathy. A good way to differentiate someone with ADD: people with ADD can't sit still for long even when they're doing something they like, they constantly fidget with their hands (I mean CONSTANTLY), and they don't go around telling everyone they meet that they have ADD.
Person with short attention span: "Hey, show me some respect! I have ADD, you know!"

Person with ADD: "Sorry, I'm getting kind of bored already. I guess I just have a short attention span."
by aaronak October 29, 2004
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Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD is a psychological term currently applied to anyone who meets the DSM IV diagnostic criteria for impulsivity, and/or inattention. The diagnostic criteria are subjective and include behavior which might be caused by a wide variety of factors, ranging from brain defects to allergies to giftedness. ADD, as currently defined, is a highly subjective description, not a specific disease.
Thav AKA Andrew is a prime example of ADD.

Dude man, you're so hyper you must have the attention deficit disorder
by September 2, 2009
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Center of Attention Deficit Disorder (COADD) is defined as a personality disorder characterized by a constant desire to be noticed, acknowledged, needed or appreciated by the people in your immediate proximity.
Person One: Did you see they way Bobby was wearing his pants inside out last night?
Person Two: Did you hear him telling everybody where he is spending the summer?
Person Three: His Center of Attention Deficit Disorder is out of control.
by bornonthebrink August 24, 2009
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The inability to comprehend anything containing more than
140 characters.
President Lincoln, we know it's an important speech tomorrow at Gettysburg, but considering tweet attention deficit disorder could you cut it down to 140 words?
by I.M.Salmon February 19, 2011
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While the term ADD, or attention-deficit disorder, has become increasingly popular among laypersons, BADD, or Boy attention-deficit disorder is a lesser known variant. It is a clinically diagnosed disorder characterized by inattention to girls including little interest in pursuing friendships with them, hyperactivity around boys, and impulsiveness towards boys (both sexual and non-sexual).

As with all disorders there are differing symptoms among sufferers which also may include;
Having several 'crushes' and/or 'seeing' seeing several different boys concurrently, Seeing boys as objects and thus "collectible" and craving male attention.

Note: Sufferers behaviors can be seen as more socially acceptable than sluts as their behaviors are not always sexual, however general consensus is that featured behaviors are on a par with that of sexual sluts due to emotional impact on boys that may unknowingly get involved.

Etiology - can be several contributing factors.

Read also Daddy issues
Sluts often can be suffering from an undiagnosed sever case of Boy attention-deficit disorder.
by Dr Phillski July 5, 2010
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The phenomenon that starts approximately 8 minutes after first tucking into a curry, after the initial taste begins to wear off, you've tried all dishes on the table, and you're left with an increasingly lukewarm curry with the oil separating out around the edge.

Once started, CADD generally lasts as long as it takes to mindlessly nibble away the last bit of greasy naan in a zombie like state.

CADD is generally induced by excessive beer consumption reacting against the absorbent naan in stomach and can only be cured by getting the bill and moving on to shots until the volume in stomach subsides.

Some people are seemingly immune to CADD and continue to behave in a buzzard-like manner, picking up all scraps from the dishes and other people's plates until the last bit of cold, greasy naan has been devoured.
Luca - "what es e wrong paulo?" (Spoke in an Italian accent)

Paul - "I've totally got Curry Attention Deficit Disorder, I'm flagging dude"

Luca - "bloodey hell paulo, you and your CADD you should not ev had that 5th pop-e-dom and 3rd Tiger beeri you idiot, let's get some shots in to ease the blockage!"
by Paul and Sarah January 29, 2008
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When a person needs or wants attention because it makes them feel good about themselves but doesn't get the attention he / she seeks and he/she gets sad about it.
Petey : Nobody has looked at my pictures or has liked my posts on Facebook. ( he looks a little sad )

Izzy : Its okay Petey. You must have attention deficit disorder.
by lsbutter January 23, 2014
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